Mimi d’Autremont

Education: Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at the George Washington University, M.A., New Media Photojournalism Willamette University, B.A., Theatre Design & Art History

Mimi is a New York City-based filmmaker and photographer, her background is in documentary and she explores stories and projects that revolve around culture and community. Her graduate thesis is a story she shot, edited, and produced about the intersection of football and Deaf culture with the world’s only Deaf and Hard of Hearing college football team: the Gallaudet University Bison. The film, Anyone Like Me, focuses on one man’s journey to finding his identity as a Hard of Hearing football coach and the photo series includes portraits of the team paired with handwritten excerpts of their individual narratives. Beyond documentary, Mimi also works within the commercial realm, both shooting campaigns and producing lighting for national campaigns. Mimi is an avid runner, and recently ran her first ultramarathon around the perimeter of Manhattan, and she frequently shoots NYC-based unsanctioned races within the local running community. Mimi loves traveling both for work and pleasure, and recently worked on global campaigns in Barcelona, Berlin, and Wroclaw, Poland. She also recently traveled to Rakai, Uganda to produce a short documentary project with a U.S.-based medical NGO that brought life-saving surgeries to a remote corner of the country. Her other travels, both for work and fun, include to the UK, Morocco, Colombia, Vietnam, Greece, Cambodia, and Czech Republic, among others. Mimi has led with Putney over multiple years, most recently in Yellowstone National Park in 2021.