Program Types

Program Types

High School
Grades 9-12


Get out into the field and on expedition around the globe, all through the lens of an On Assignment project. Each trip offers a choice of two areas of focus, such as photography, climate and geology, or wildlife conservation. Pursue your selected project with guidance from your knowledgeable trip leaders and a National Geographic Explorer, and learn through interactive activities and excursions; then share what you’ve created with the group and your community back home.

University Workshops

From your base at MIT, delve into issues impacting the future of our world, and examine solutions offered by engineering, technology, AI, and robotics. Participate in stimulating seminars and interactive workshops, and meet National Geographic Explorers to hear about their innovative work in our areas of focus. Develop a capstone project to address an issue you’ve encountered, and pitch your idea to your group and leaders.

Photography Workshops

Photo workshops are an opportunity for students to become better photographers, editors, and storytellers. From a campus base in an iconic location, students have the opportunity, both inside and out of the classroom, to work with your camera and editing software. A National Geographic Explorer and photographer joins the group for the entire duration of the workshop, helping students master their cameras, create engaging images, and become better editors of their own work. Each day, students learn important skills and lessons in the classroom and apply them in some of the world’s most photogenic places. Students will organize, curate, and install a pop up gallery show featuring their original images, an event to which friends and family are invited.

Middle School
Grades 7-8

Our highly structured middle school programs allow students to discover exciting destinations in a fun, engaging, and safe environment. With guidance from trip leaders and a National Geographic Explorer, students explore multiple themes that enhance their experience and encourage them to deepen the interests they already have, while discovering new ones along their journey.


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