Scholarship Opportunities

The National Geographic Society is committed to ensuring its student travel program is accessible, regardless of access to financial resources. As part of its commitment, the Society makes available a limited number of financial scholarships for students whose participation in a National Geographic Student Travel program is only possible through outside support. For the 2024 season, scholarships are available for the High School age programs only.

Eligibility is limited to students who are U.S. residents. Many applications are received and allocation is competitive.

How to Apply for a Scholarship: To be considered for a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application, including the statement of need, and share the Reference Form with two individuals who will serve as references. Applications will be accepted until February 24, 2024, or until we have received 300 applications, whichever is first. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that their references are submitted by the deadline. It is strongly recommended that candidates begin the application process early to allow time for references to complete the form and alternate references to be selected if necessary.

Candidates applying for a scholarship do not need to complete the standard Application and should submit only the scholarship application. Please call us with any questions at 877-877-8759.

Please note our COVID-19 vaccination policy: we require all students and National Geographic Student Travel leaders and experts to have received the updated COVID-19 vaccine (2023ÔÇô2024 formula), designed to target the most recently prevalent variants, within the last 12 months before the trip departure date.

Students applying for an international destination must have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months past the trip return date. Applicants who do not have and cannot obtain a passport by June 2024 should consider applying for programs in the United States.

Please call us with any questions at 877-877-8759.