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On these programs, I repeatedly witness students maturing and gaining skills in self-reliance, collaboration, science, and critical thinking. In short, I watch students become leaders.

Dr. M. Jackson, National Geographic Explorer

Travel in a Time of COVID-19

We approach each participant’s summer experience with the same attention to safety and security that we give our own children. Please note that we require all students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We invite you to give us a call with any questions at 877.877.8759.

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  • Exploration

Baja & the Gulf of California

Marine & Tropical Biology
July 14–July 25, 2023
July 27–August 7, 2023
Often called “the aquarium of the world”, the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, teems with marine life, from acrobatic dolphins and sea lions to massive manta rays and whale sharks. Travel to Baja, Mexico this summer and dive into this incredible underwater ecosystem. Choose your On Assignment theme, learn about…
  • Exploration


Climate & Geology
June 25–July 8, 2023
June 30–July 13, 2023
Iceland is a country of extremes, where geysers and lava flows coexist with powerful waterfalls and calving glaciers. Located at the edge of the Arctic Circle, much of the island remains under ice, yet it is also one of the planet’s most volcanically active countries. This summer, travel to the Land of Fire and Ice…
  • Exploration


Anthropology, Culture, & Tradition
June 26–July 12, 2023
July 12–July 28, 2023
Venture to Norway this summer to experience its stunning fjords and soaring peaks, and immerse yourself in the country’s culture and traditions. Norwegians have a storied history of connecting with the natural world and their kinship with the Earth is infused into many aspects of daily life. Choose either the Photography or Anthropology, Culture, &…
  • Photo Workshop


June 28–July 6, 2023
July 9–July 17, 2023
With erupting geysers, endless grasslands teeming with wildlife, and gem-colored geothermal pools, Yellowstone National Park is an ideal setting to explore the field of photography. This summer, venture into this geological wonderland with a team of talented photography instructors and a National Geographic Explorer to document bears and bison, pronghorns, wolves, elk, bald eagles, and…