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Get out into the field this summer and travel around the globe, all through the lens of an On Assignment project. Each high school program offers a choice of one or two areas of focus, such as photography, climate and geology, technology, or wildlife conservation. Pursue your selected project with guidance from your trip leaders and a National Geographic Explorer, and explore through interactive activities, workshops with local experts, and excursions — then share what you’ve created with your group. On our middle school programs, students spend time exploring all themes available in the program destination.

Inspire Your Inner Explorer

A certain spirit motivates National Geographic Explorers around the world — and you feel it when you travel with us. You’ll be out in the field with our Explorers, who are fueled by curiosity, collaboration, and a desire to understand our planet and its people, and who are committed to making the world a better place.

Explore Your Passion

Throughout your trip, you’ll delve deeper into your surroundings through the lens of one or more topics —photography, wildlife conservation, marine biology, and more. As you explore, you’ll create a tangible project that you can take back home to your community, such as a photography portfolio or a study on local wildlife, allowing you to share your passion with others. 

Engage Thoughtfully and Sustainably

We are committed to sustaining the natural integrity and cultural heritage of each place we visit. We support local economies in our choice of accommodations and services, increase students’ appreciation for local communities through meaningful exchange, and invest in offset projects for the carbon emissions associated with activities and travel in our destinations.

Build Lasting Relationships

One of the highlights of your trip is sure to be your traveling companions—students from across the globe who are also enthusiastic about exploring. And you’ll find role models in your National Geographic Explorers and trip leaders, who are photographers, writers, scientists, and educators pursuing careers that help to make the world a better place.

Inspire Change

Whichever On Assignment theme you choose, you will join a growing community of individuals who are curious about the world around them and committed to preserving it. You will leave your program with a roadmap, ready to pursue bold ideas, engage others, and inspire action.

Make a Difference

When you travel with us, you support the National Geographic Society’s Explorers who use science, exploration, education, and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Every year, the Society awards hundreds of grants to scientists, educators, innovators, and storytellers around the world. They change how we understand our planet — and help to protect it for future generations. To learn more about the National Geographic Society, visit

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