Dimitri Staszewski

Education: Loyola University New Orleans, B.S., Music Industry Studies

After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree focused on audio engineering, Dimitri received a Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship to research and record traditional music performed by nomadic herders throughout Mongolia. Dimitri is currently based in Austin, Texas, where he balances his own personal projects with work as a freelance photographer. In 2022, he published a cookbook project called Heart-Shaped Tomatoes about his 102-year-old Italian immigrant grandmother and is currently finishing his first photobook project, Close to the Bayou. Dimitri is interested in long-term projects that use intimate and specific storytelling to shed light on relatable and global issues. Cultural preservation is often at the core of his work and bookmaking has become essential to his practice. He aims to educate audiences through his work, which for him means making his work accessible to a broad range of viewers. Dimitri is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Mongolian. In addition to his pursuits as a photographer, Dimitri has wrangled horses in rural Colorado, worked as a bench jeweler in New Orleans, and enjoys finding time to explore and connect with the natural world. He has led student travel programs, including with National Geographic, to Italy, Greece, Barcelona, Ecuador and the Galápagos, and Yellowstone National Park.