Cory Dinter

Education: University of New Mexico, M.P.H., Health Systems, Services, and Policy University of the Witwatersrand, M.Sc., Paleontology University of Utah, B.S., University Studies: Mines and Earth Sciences

Cory has an academic background in geoscience, paleontology, and public health. In her time in the geosciences, she excavated dinosaur remains in sub-Saharan Africa and the American West and Southwest, and participated in geologic data collection in East Africa. In her first master’s program, she worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and China, comparing fossil remains of early dinosaurs uncovered in these three countries, ultimately using this research to describe the remains of a new dinosaur discovery in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Her second master’s is in public health, concentrated on health systems, services, and policy with a focus on the impacts of climate change on health and food security. Between degrees, she has worked as a freelance photographer, an artist, an artist’s assistant, and an experiential education instructor. She has previously led programs in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys whitewater rafting, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, and cooking.