Michael Shaw

Education: Northland College, B.S., Outdoor/Adventure Education

While at Northland College, Michael majored in Outdoor Education Adventure Education with an emphasis in Special Populations. He went directly from teaching as an adjunct instructor in Northland’s Outdoor Education department to being a mountaineering, climbing, and caving instructor for NOLS. After seven years of full-time fieldwork with NOLS, Michael became a faculty member of the Experiential Education department at Albuquerque Academy, continued working for NOLS in the field, and began teaching for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. Over the past 30 years, Michael has spent nearly 500 weeks leading students on trips in remote areas from the deserts of the Southwestern U.S. to the mountains of Nepal. Michael now works at Albuquerque Academy as a Faculty member of the Experiential Education Department. He is an active and published photographer shooting for the Climbing Zine, and has done photo work for the Wilderness Alliance Bear’s Ears Campaign. This fall, Michael will be returning to Albuquerque Academy and taking students on remote wilderness trips.