Alex Silva

Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, M.S., Ecology & Evolution, M.Ed., Science Education Cornell University, B.S., Animal Science

Alex has worked as an environmental policy advocate, wildlife rehabilitator, and veterinary technician, but her greatest passion is science education. Whether in a classroom or in the field, Alex aims to inspire curiosity and conservation of native flora and fauna. Alex earned an M.S. in ecology and evolution and an M.Ed. in science education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research focused on the social and ecological impacts of pollinators in urban areas. Alex also worked for the Learning Sciences Research Institute while at UIC, exploring the use of technological applications in science education. One of her favorite projects involved engaging middle school students in investigations of backyard wildlife diversity and behavior using camera traps. Alex spent six years teaching in the Virgin Islands, and has since returned home to Chicago, where she continues to teach a range of science courses. Alex has also written and edited educational material for National Geographic Education, including lessons and activities for projects such as “Encounter: Ocean Odyssey,” and “safariLIVE.” She is fluent in Spanish and has led National Geographic student programs in Ecuador & the Galápagos, Costa Rica, Australia, Tanzania, Namibia, the Canadian Arctic, Botswana, Belize, and Baja del Sur.