Britt Basel

Education: Aegean Center for the Fine Arts Wageningen University, Ph.D., Resilience in the Water Sector (candidate) El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, M.Sc. Conservation Leadership Colorado State University, M.Sc., Human Dimensions of Natural Resources University of Colorado, B.A., Anthropology

After finishing an international double Master of Science (US/Mexico) and studying at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Britt consulted for the United Nations Development Program and the Nature Conservancy in México, then started starting the US- and Mexico-based organization Ecothropic. Her work has now taken her to 45+ countries, bridging visual storytelling, technical expertise, and facilitation to engage diverse stakeholder groups in solutions that benefit both people and the ecosystems we depend on. As a visual storyteller, her work has been featured in National Geographic Traveller India, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune, among others. As a socio-environmental scientist, she has developed policy, facilitated grassroots planning, empowered communities to action through participatory video, and brought students abroad to actively engage with front-line solutions. She has had the opportunity to speak to a variety of audiences, ranging from presenting to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to being interviewed by the BBC. Britt is currently conducting Ph.D. research on community-based climate adaptation in the water sector. Britt is a PADI-certified scuba instructor, an Emergency First Response Instructor, and a Wilderness First Responder. She has led numerous student programs since 2007—including with National Geographic—in El Salvador, Spain, Belize, Australia, India, Ecuador, the Swiss Alps, Morocco, Cuba, Japan, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and more. Above all, she is passionate about the diversity of this planet and its people and how we can work together to create brighter and more just futures—and she loves to dance.